Head Injuries From Car Accidents Caused By Blunt Force Trauma

Head Injuries From Car Accidents Caused By Blunt Force Trauma

Some of the most common types of injuries people sustain in Indiana car accidents are blunt force trauma injuries. And while a blunt force injury can be as simple as a minor bruise, it can also be severe and result in complications, such as head or brain injuries. Unfortunately, many blunt force trauma injuries, like… Read more »

My Airbags Didn't Deploy. Can I Still File an Accident Claim?

My Airbags Didn’t Deploy. Can I Still File an Accident Claim?

Your airbags are a safety feature meant to protect you in an accident. But what happens when the airbags fail to deploy? Does it mean something malfunctioned? Can it affect your Indiana car accident claim? Let’s take a look and find out. How Are My Airbags Supposed to Work? Airbags have been used in all… Read more »

Compensation for Car Accident Scars and Body Disfiguring

Compensation for Car Accident Scars and Body Disfiguring

Traffic accidents can cause incredibly serious or even fatal injuries, and some of the most tragic injuries include severe scarring and body disfiguring. Bodily disfigurement happens when someone suffers from permanent and visible injuries. In addition to being painful, disfigurement can cause a person to suffer from serious emotional and mental distress and ongoing problems…. Read more »

what is considered reckless driving under indiana law

What Is Considered Reckless Driving Under Indiana Law?

Car accidents can happen for various reasons. In many cases, they are unfortunate incidents of road rage that happen purely by accident, as most drivers do not intentionally act in a way to cause harm. However, even if someone does drive recklessly and causes an accident without the intent to cause harm, they were still… Read more »

day in the life video

What is a Day in the Life Video and Could It Help My Case?

Insurance companies are notorious for looking for ways to offer reduced settlements to get out of paying victims what they deserve after a car accident. Some insurers may even deny a claim altogether if they feel there is insufficient evidence. Thus, it is crucial to provide as much evidence as possible.  This includes evidence that… Read more »

car insurance tracking devices

Risks of Using Car Insurance Tracking Devices

There are many kinds of gadgets companies use today to make what they do easier or to provide a better customer experience. And insurance companies are no different.  One such gadget or device used by insurers is a car insurance tracking device, which is used as a part of discount programs to offer lower premiums… Read more »

bus accident lawyer

Tips from a Bus Accident Lawyer: Steps to Take After an Indiana Bus Accident

Thousands of bus accidents occur every year, resulting in severe injuries and even fatalities.  The exact numbers are hard to determine, as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration combines large trucks and large buses when reporting these statistics — but in 2020, they reported 4,998 fatal large truck and bus accidents. The number of truck… Read more »

Is it Legal to Drive With Headphones in Indiana

Is it Legal to Drive With Headphones in Indiana?

What you’ll learn from this article: Wearing headphones while driving is a controversial topic in Indiana. Plenty of people believe it’s illegal.  When they see people driving while wearing headphones or headsets, some will wag their fingers and say, “That’s not legal!” This is particularly common after a car accident when it’s time to sort… Read more »

dashcam evidence

Using Dashcam Evidence to Help Your Car Accident Claim

When filing a car accident claim, the more evidence you have, the better. And as digital technology increasingly becomes a central component in our lives, digital evidence has also become more popular.  Video footage and dashcam evidence, for example, are being used more often in car accident cases to help victims better prove what happened… Read more »

How to Obtain Traffic Camera Footage After Your Accident and Why It's Important

How to Obtain Traffic Camera Footage After Your Accident and Why It’s Important

You’ve likely noticed the many cameras that capture footage across Indianapolis’ roads, including traffic cameras, dashboard cameras, and security cameras.   These different cameras can be highly valuable for proving car accident and personal injury claims because they record traffic accidents as they happen, providing almost indisputable evidence. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to obtain certain types… Read more »