Dog Bite Injuries

A dog bite can cause harm and damage that last much longer than it takes for the bite to heal. Attacks by dogs can cause long-term physical and mental injuries that can impair a victim’s ability to function normally, including returning to a normal school or work schedule. For dog bite victims in Indianapolis, the consequences of a dog attack can be life-altering.

The Indianapolis dog bite injury attorneys of Poynter & Bucheri, LLC handle cases involving dog bites and dog attacks. Our lawyers assist clients as they seek compensation for the injuries and damages caused by a dog bite.

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Liability in an Indiana Dog Bite Case

Many people believe that they cannot recover compensation for a dog bite injury unless they can prove that the dog is an aggressive breed or has a violent history. This assumption is not true. Therefore, you can recover damages for a  dog bite even if the dog has never shown aggressive tendencies or bitten anyone before biting you.

Under Indiana’s strict liability laws for dog owners, victims of dog bites do not need to prove the owner was negligent to recover damages in a dog bite injury claim. In many cases, the law is favorable to victims of dog bites, provided the victim did nothing to provoke the attack.

However, even though the dog bite liability laws in Indiana are favorable to victims, it does not mean that every dog bite injury claim is paid. Insurance companies may argue liability on behalf of their insured. Companies may also argue whether or not you suffered the damages you claim.

An Indianapolis dog bite injury attorney can help you file your injury claim seeing compensation for damages. Our PBAR legal team understands how to fight denials of dog bite injury claims. We also ensure that your claim is not undervalued so that you can receive full compensation for all damages.

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Steps to Take After Suffering a Dog Bite Injury in Indiana

If a dog injures you or your child, the following steps can help protect your right to recover compensation for your injuries and damages:

  • Go to the emergency room or seek medical assistance immediately. It is important for your health and your claim not to delay medical care.
  • Make a note of the location of the attack, the dog owner’s name, and the dog owner’s contact information.
  • If anyone witnessed the attack, make sure to ask for the witness’s name and contact information. Eyewitness testimony can be very convincing if the owner or an insurance provider denies liability.
  • File a police report of the attack as soon as possible and report the attack to animal control.
  • If possible, photograph the dog and the area where the attack occurred.
  • Avoid making any statements to insurance adjusters or other representatives of the dog owner without consulting with one of our PBAR attorneys.
  • Do not accept a settlement or sign any forms until after meeting with your Indianapolis dog bite lawyer.
  • Save any clothing or other items damaged in the dog attack.

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Common Damages Claimed in an Indianapolis Dog Bite Injury Claim

The damages in a dog attack claim vary; however, some of the common damages that are included in most injury claims include:

  • Cost of medical care and personal care
  • Loss of income and wages
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional and mental anguish, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Future damages, including the cost of ongoing medical care and loss of income or decreased earning capacity

It is very important to document the damages sustained in a dog bite case carefully. In many cases, the future damages can be substantial, especially if the victim suffered permanent impairment or emotional trauma from the attack.

Common Injuries in a Dog Attack

When a dog attacks or bites a victim, the injuries sustained can be life-threatening. Some of the common injuries that victims of dog bites suffer include:

  • Puncture wounds and tears in the skin
  • Muscle, tendon, and nerve damage
  • Spinal cord injuries and brain damage
  • Damage to the face, arms, and hands
  • Rabies and other diseases
  • Infections and other complications
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Death

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Protect Your Legal Rights by Contacting an Indiana Dog Bite Injury Attorney

The law may be on your side; however, insurance companies do not care. They want to pay as little as possible to settle your claim or deny your claim outright. We want to stop insurance companies from causing you further emotional stress and injury.

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