What Happens When Your Car Is a Total Loss?

What Happens When Your Car Is a Total Loss?

Experiencing a car accident is never easy, especially when the wreck involves a totaled vehicle. Fortunately, you should be able to receive compensation for your totaled vehicle from your insurance company or the at-fault driver.  In this blog, we discuss common questions people have regarding totaled vehicles including when is your car considered a total… Read more »

accident police report

Does an Indiana Police Report Show Who Was at Fault?

What you’ll learn reading this article: The typical Indiana police report doesn’t always include clear information about fault. Fault is determined by courts and insurance companies, long after the accident happens. Even without a police report, you can pursue accident compensation. You might be surprised to see what’s in the police report from your car… Read more »

Towing and Storage After An Accident: Who Pays?

Towing and Storage After An Accident: Who Pays?

If your car was totaled in a serious accident, you probably have a lot on your plate. It can quickly become overwhelming if you have to balance phone calls with your insurance company and medical bills while you search for a replacement vehicle. You’re already at maximum capacity when you receive a bill from the… Read more »

Is Indiana a No-Fault State?

Is Indiana a No-Fault State?

When you are in a car accident, the insurance company you file your claim against will depend on what type of fault state you live in. This will not only determine who you file your claim with, but it can also affect how much money you will receive as compensation for your damages. So, is Indiana… Read more »

maximize personal injury

How Do I Maximize My Personal Injury Settlement?

While each accident and personal injury claim is unique, and there is no way to determine exactly how much a settlement will be worth upfront, there are steps injured victims can take to maximize their claim. In most cases, you will be negotiating with the insurance company, providing evidence that proves who was at fault… Read more »

What Are My Rights After A Paralyzing Injury

What Are My Rights After A Paralyzing Injury?

Car accidents that result in catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, can be extremely traumatic and devastating. Suffering a paralyzing injury can leave you permanently disabled and impair your quality of life. Those who suffer catastrophic injuries after an accident can also develop severe emotional distress, including PTSD. Recovering from the physical and emotional pain and… Read more »

catastrophic injuries

When is a Personal Injury Considered Catastrophic?

The severity of an injury that results from an accident can vary depending on individual circumstances, such as how the injury occurred and the physical health and condition of the victim prior to the incident. A minor fender-bender, for example, may only result in a few scrapes and bruises, whereas a severe head-on collision may… Read more »

10 Ways You Can Destroy Your Car Accident Claim

10 Ways You Can Destroy Your Car Accident Claim

Odds are that you’ve been in an auto accident. Around six million car accidents happen each year, and it’s essential to understand what to do to maximize your claim and keep yourself out of trouble. All it takes is saying one wrong thing to be labeled “at fault” for your accident, even if you weren’t… Read more »

no insurance

Driving Without Insurance in Indiana: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Indiana law prohibits people from driving without a minimum amount of car insurance. All drivers are required to carry that minimum amount in order to be allowed on state roadways. Getting caught without insurance in Indiana will lead to stiff penalties and some pretty big fines! Are you fully informed about the risks of driving… Read more »