Indiana Cell Phone Ban Goes Into Effect July 1

Indiana Cell Phone Ban Goes Into Effect July 1

What you’ll learn reading this article: Starting July 1, Indiana’s new ban on using cell phones while driving is in effect. The goal is to reduce preventable distracted driving crashes on Indiana roads. Violators risk fines and a suspension of their driver’s license. Almost half of all drivers admit to being distracted by their phones,… Read more »

injured in car accident

Common Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents

What you’ll learn reading this article: After a car accident, it’s common to have soft tissue injuries. These injuries can be extremely painful and long-lasting. It’s important to seek urgent medical care, then contact a personal injury attorney. Soft tissue injuries are some of the most common injuries from car accidents. They involve damage to… Read more »

drivers with road rage

Tips for Avoiding Road Rage Car Accidents In Indiana

What you’ll learn reading this article: Indiana has the nation’s highest rate of road rage deaths. Drivers should stay alert to all kinds of aggressive driving on the road. Follow our tips to avoid road rage. Do you know Indiana leads the nation in road rage fatalities? A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety… Read more »

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The Importance of Accident Reports and How to Get a Copy of Yours

What you’ll learn from this article: Why motor vehicle accidents should always be reported and how to do that How to get a copy of your accident report How your compensation can be affected by “at-fault” rulings After a car accident, everyone involved usually wants a copy of the police report. In fact, in order… Read more »