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  • $350,000: Slip and fall on apartment complex sidewalk due to unshoveled snow resulting in back injury
  • $250,000: Loose railing on common entry stairs causes fall with injury
  • $120,000: Fall in restaurant due to unmarked step causes injury

Why You Need an Indianapolis Slip and Fall Attorney

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If you’ve suffered a fall, you may need to seek immediate medical attention to care which can get expensive! Even though a slip and fall is considered a minor accident by the typical insurance company, serious injuries can occur.

Did you know that in some fall accidents, a property owner can be held responsible for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages?

A slip and fall is considered a minor accident by the typical insurance company. However, a slip and fall can result in serious injuries that prevent victims from returning to work or performing daily activities. Significant life changes, inconvenience, and often, physical and emotional pain are common for the victims of slip and fall accidents. When a fall occurs on another person’s property, the property owner may be held liable for the damages caused by the fall.

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Where Can a Slip and Fall Accident Occur?

A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere. Indiana’s premises liability laws cover falls on public property, residential property, and commercial property.

Common locations for a slip and fall accident include:

falls result in serious injury
  • Parking lots and sidewalks
  • Grocery stores, malls, restaurants, gas stations, and other retail locations
  • Steps and stairs
  • Pools and other recreational areas
  • Hotels, motels, and resorts
  • Stadiums and other sporting facilities
  • Residential property
  • Government buildings
  • Construction areas

Why Do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur?

Too often, slip and fall cases are portrayed as accidents that occur due to the clumsiness or age of the victim. While an individual can fall on their own accord, and older individuals tend to suffer more from them, a slip and fall case can happen to anyone, anywhere. When someone falls due to circumstances outside of their control–in other words, the liability for the slip and fall accident lies with someone other than the victim–they may be able to seek compensation for their slip and fall case injuries.

Slip and Fall Liability

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Identifying the Liable Party or Parties to Receive the Compensation You Deserve is Essential.

It’s common in a slip and fall case for the property owner to be liable for any injuries that happened on their property because of negligence. However, the tenant may be responsible if a slip and fall accident occurs while renting or leasing the property. Multiple parties could be liable for the damages in some personal injury cases. Poynter and Bucheri, an experienced personal injury attorney, increase the chance that you will receive total compensation for your damages from the negligent property owner by identifying each party that could be liable for a slip and fall lawsuit.

Any of the following may cause slip and fall accidents:

  • Uneven or cracked flooring, sidewalk, or pavement
  • Icy pavement or sidewalk
  • Wet flooring or standing water
  • Inadequate or low lighting
  • Inadequate or negligent security
  • Loose or uncovered wires or cables
  • Cluttered, obstructive, or falling merchandise
  • Improperly maintained machinery
  • Improperly posted signage for ongoing or recent cleaning or repairs

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Common Injuries Resulting From a Slip and Fall Accident

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 20,000 unintentional falls occur yearly in the United States. Slip and falls can range from minor to more severe injuries in terms of the injuries they cause. Some of the most common injuries that result from a slip and fall are:

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)- Head injuries, including concussions and TBIs, result in changes in brain function. The effects of a head injury, such as a concussion or TBI, vary from mild to more serious, depending on the nature of the slip and fall accident and where the accident happened Symptoms can include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, memory loss, and more.

Lacerations- Lacerations account for any tearing or breaking of the flesh. They can result from a slip and fall accident in a hazardous, unkept, hard-surface area or where other objects are involved or disrupted.

Contusions- Contusions, also known as bruises, result from blood collecting outside a blood vessel (hematoma).

Spinal cord injuries- Injuries to the spinal cord can be quite severe and can result in loss of motor function and other nervous system issues.

Fractures- Injuries commonly result in bone fractures in the hips, wrists, hands, arms, ankles, feet, and legs.

Sprains, Strains, and Tears-Sprains are the stretching or tearing of the ligament, whereas strains affect the muscle or tendon. Both can be painful and can result in rest, compression, pain medication, crutches, or a cane.

In a severe fall claim, accident victims can suffer paralysis, incapacitation, or death. These more severe injuries are devastating results for a slip and fall accident victim, especially when you consider that property owners can prevent most injuries.

Fast Facts about Slip and Fall Injuries

nursing home slip and fall
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, one of every five falls results in a severe injury.
  • The CDC also estimates that up to 1,800 Americans residing in nursing homes suffer a fatal fall every year, with 3 million older Americans seeking emergency room treatment for falls each year.
  • Falling causes more than 95% of hip fractures, with women accounting for the majority of hip fractures.
  • The National Flooring Safety Institute has found that falls account for half of all accidental deaths in the home and cause up to 8 million emergency room visits annually.

Indiana is a four-season state, meaning that we experience every season to its full benefits as well as its disadvantages, which mean icy walkways in the winter, loose and blowing leaves and debris in the fall, wet and rainy springs, and damp pool decks in the summer. Indianapolis slip and fall injury attorneys at Poynter & Bucheri are well-versed in premises and fall-related injuries and liability and are qualified to take on your case.

Documents To Help Your Attorney Prove a Property Owner is Liable for Your Injuries

Collecting and organizing these documents is crucial for building a solid case to prove negligence in a slip and fall claim.

The following documents can play a crucial role in supporting your claim:

maintenance records
  1. Incident Report: Obtaining a copy of the incident report is vital if you reported the slip and fall to the property owner or manager. This document may include details about the circumstances surrounding the accident, statements from witnesses, and any actions taken by the property owner in response.
  2. Photographs and Videos: Pictures or videos that capture hazardous conditions, such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, or lack of warning signs, can be instrumental in demonstrating the property owner’s negligence.
  3. Medical Records: Medical records serve as critical evidence of your injuries during the slip and fall. Include documentation of emergency room visits, diagnostic tests, treatments, prescriptions, and ongoing medical care. These records help establish a direct link between the incident and your injuries.
  4. Maintenance Records: Access to the property’s maintenance records can reveal whether regular inspections and upkeep were performed. Failure to address known hazards, such as spills or damaged flooring, can indicate the property owner’s failure to meet their duty of care.
  5. Previous Incident Reports: If there were prior incidents involving similar hazards on the property, obtaining records of these incidents can demonstrate a pattern of negligence. This evidence suggests that the property owner was aware of the risks but failed to address them adequately.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys will help you gather the necessary evidence and present a compelling argument for fair compensation.

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How Much Is My Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

According to Indiana’s premises liability laws, a severe injury victim may claim financial and noneconomic damages for a fall.

Financial damages when you’ve suffered injuries may include:

Emergency medical attention is expensive and medical bills add up quickly. Slip and fall victims may require extensive medical treatment including hospital stays, physicians, surgeries, medical equipment, physical therapy, counseling, etc.

Lost wages from inability to work now, the potential loss of future revenue, and decreased earning potential.

Ongoing medical and personal care for permanent impairment or disability

Other out-of-pocket expenses include travel costs, over-the-counter medications, help with household chores, and home modifications to accommodate an impairment.

Noneconomic damages include:

  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Permanent impairments
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Development of phobias, such as of heights or of falling
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium

It is essential to carefully document all damages and losses for a slip and fall accident on an official accident report for where the fall happened. A Poynter & Bucheri fall accident lawyer will assist you in tracking expenses and medical bills and reporting losses to increase your chance of recovering maximum compensation for your slip and fall accident cases and claims.

Have You Been Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident? We Specialize in Helping Slip and Fall Victims Like You!

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Ways to Avoid a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are preventable, but their prevention is not always 100% up to you. However, there are some steps you can take to help prevent slip and fall injuries occurring to you and your loved ones:

  • Don’t walk distracted! Too often, we multitask while working or walk and text/talk on the phone while shopping or running errands, allowing us to focus less on our surroundings and any dangers they might include.
  • Wear proper footwear for the weather-If you plan to walk after a winter snowstorm, choose footwear that provides adequate traction. Tread wet and icy surfaces with care.
  • Avoid dark stairwells or pathways- Low lighting can contribute to slip and fall injuries, as finding your footing in such situations can be difficult.
  • Be on the lookout for signs or cones-Public places often put signs out when a safety hazard, such as a wet floor, is present. Walk in these areas with care!
  • Hold handrails- If you are on the stairs or a ramp, handrails are there to help you keep your balance. Use them to your advantage!
  • If you suffer from imbalance or trouble walking, ask for help-Don’t allow yourself to suffer needlessly! Ask someone to help or guide you.
  • Don’t run in crowded or cluttered locales- Using common sense can go a long way; it is much harder to keep your balance when unpredictable obstacles are in your way.
  • Be aware of your surroundings- Taking general note of your surroundings can help you avoid an obvious hazard and reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents.

Unfortunately, some conditions and situations are out of your control. If you or a loved one suffers a slip and fall injury, you can take several steps to help you get back on your feet.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Immediately after a slip and fall accident, the steps you take can significantly impact your injury claim and future medical expenses. A slip and fall accident victim may not be able to do everything on this list. However, it is in a victim’s best interest to take as many of these steps as possible:

  • Report the fall immediately. Request the owner, manager, or other person in authority to complete a slip and fall accident report. Do not sign any waivers absolving them of guilt or offer any recorded statements.
  • Take photographs and videos. The accident scene will likely change after the fall because the owner will correct the hazardous condition that caused your fall. If you cannot take pictures, you can ask someone to take them with your cell phone. Be sure to get wide and close shots of the scene from as many angles as possible. You should also photograph any injuries you sustain.
  • Ask for names and contact information for eyewitnesses. Eyewitnesses provide excellent information about the property’s condition and how the fall occurred. However, some witnesses may leave after others arrive, so try to get witness information quickly.
  • Seek medical attention. You need to document your injuries for an accident claim. If you do not go to the emergency room, you should see your doctor immediately. You could be suffering from a brain injury or other injury that you are only aware of once a complete examination by a medical professional is completed.
  • Preserve clothing and shoes. Place everything you were wearing into a bag as evidence. The property owners may claim what you were wearing contributed to the cause of your fall. Your slip and fall lawyer will need your clothes and shoes to challenge that defense.
  • Do not discuss your fall with anyone. The only people you need to discuss your fall with now are your medical providers and the Indianapolis fall injury lawyer. Avoid posting on social media or discussing the fall with family and friends.
  • Do not provide a written or recorded statement to the insurance company. You need to consult with an attorney before giving any statements or signing any medical releases related to the accident or your injuries. The insurance adjuster may pressure you to provide a statement. Call our law firm immediately to speak with an attorney.
  • Follow medical advice and treatments. Follow through with your doctor’s prescribed treatment for a serious or minor injury. Failing to do so may result in harm to your case.
  • Consult an Indianapolis premises liability lawyer. The property owner may tell you he is taking care of all your expenses and may be telling the truth. However, you need to consult an experienced attorney to ensure you are not eliminating any of your legal options.

Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident? You Can Talk to a Slip and Fall Lawyer Right Now!

We want to help you hold the responsible or injured party liable for your financial and non economic damages. By contacting our Indianapolis personal injury law firm directly we can begin taking the necessary steps to protect your right to seek compensation and start you on your journey to financial recovery. Contact Poynter & Bucheri, LLC at 1-800-265-9881 or (317) 780-8000 to request your free case consultation with an Indianapolis fall injury lawyer.

Proving Property Owners are Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident

To prove the property owner or another party is liable for your damages, we must establish the property owner’s negligence and that someone else’s negligence led to your accident.

In most premises liability cases, we must prove:

  • A dangerous condition existed on the property where the accident occurred;
  • The property owner knew or the owner should have known about the condition;
  • The property owner fails to correct, prevent, or warn others about the condition;
  • The dangerous conditions directly caused your fall;
  • Medical records to prove there were injuries sustained due to the fall, and,
  • As a result of the injuries, you have suffered financial compensation or non economic damages.

Proving a premises liability claim can be difficult. At Poynter & Bucheri, LLC, we have the knowledge, experience, skills, and resources to handle any slip and fall personal injury case claims. Our goal is to get the fair compensation you deserve. Don’t let your slip-and-fall personal injury lawsuit be swept under the rug; you and your loved ones deserve to be compensated.

We Specialize in Helping Slip and Fall Victims Like You!

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