eye injury car accident

Eye Injury After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can cause extensive injuries, including potentially serious damage to your eyes and vision. From blunt force trauma to penetrating injuries, crashes can pose numerous hazards to ocular health. Understanding common car accident-related eye injuries and what to do if your vision is compromised after a collision is critical. Prevalence… Read more »

car getting hit by a train

Car Getting Hit By a Train: Who’s Liable?

Individual railroads are all held to strict standards and bound by federal regulations to create and maintain a safe place for cars to cross railroad tracks.  The reason is clear: Thousands of pounds of freight moving at high speeds spell disaster for much smaller cars and their drivers. That’s why railroad crossings are often marked… Read more »

railroad crossing accidents

Steps to Take After a Railroad Crossing Accident

Railroad crossings are incredibly dangerous due to the speed and size of trains compared to smaller vehicles or pedestrians that might be crossing. Across the country, there are thousands of railroad crossing accidents each year, and in Indiana specifically, there were 52 train crossing accidents in 2022.  Just recently (September 12, 2023), there was an… Read more »

work zone accidents

Car Accident in Construction Zone: Who’s Responsible?

Road construction zones are vital for maintaining safe driving conditions across Indiana. Whether during the day or night, construction projects introduce specific hazards. While traffic congestion is common during daylight hours, reduced visibility poses challenges at night. Work zone accidents can be preventable or unavoidable, underscoring the need for cautious driving to safeguard all parties… Read more »

atv safety

ATV Safety Tips: Avoid Accidents While Driving

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), commonly called four-wheelers, have gained popularity in Indiana for their versatility in crossing open land, providing transportation for teens, and offering recreational enjoyment. However, the allure of ATVs comes with significant risks, as reckless driving and improper handling often result in severe accidents, particularly involving children. To prevent such tragedies, it’s crucial… Read more »

drowsy driving

Drowsy Driving: How Sleep Deprivation Affects Drivers

The peril posed by drowsy driving extends beyond the driver to encompass all road users. The hazards tied to sleepiness while driving not only lead to injuries but, tragically, can result in fatalities. A preventable calamity can arise from driver fatigue or insufficient sleep. Regrettably, occurrences of drowsy driving accidents are more frequent than commonly… Read more »

back surgery types

Back Surgery Types: Surgeries You Could Have After an Accident

Car accidents can cause victims to suffer from life-altering and debilitating back injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Around 4,200 Americans sustain spinal cord injuries from car accidents every year, causing intense pain and immobility. Sadly, these injuries are more than just inconvenient and painful — you may also require costly back surgery after a car… Read more »