Amputation After a Car Accident

Amputation After a Car Accident

Amputations occur when someone loses a limb or another body part after an injury or accident. Although amputations after a car accident are uncommon, they are still one of the most common reasons why someone suffers from an amputation, especially a traumatic amputation. A traumatic amputation is when a person loses a limb or a… Read more »

Abdominal Injuries After a Car Accident

After a car accident, you become surrounded by distractions. You are trying to call the authorities, make sense of how the crash happened, and determine the next steps you need to take. During those initial moments and the following hours, the adrenaline pumping through your body may be hiding signs of significant injuries you may… Read more »

Seven Car Accident Injuries with Long-Term Effects

What you will learn about in this article: Common long-term injuries that can result from motor vehicle accidents and how each one can cause lifelong effects. Any car accident is traumatic, and any injury can be painful and expensive. However, many serious injuries cause long-term effects that can literally be life-changing. When this happens, it… Read more »

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My Depression Got Worse After My Accident But My Insurance Won’t Pay

When considering the damages that a person can sustain from being in a car accident, most people tend to think of the physical injuries and car damage. However, there are more intangible damages that a person can suffer from, such as emotional distress. Though some get over the emotional trauma they experience after a car… Read more »

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Concussion After A Car Accident

Some of the most common injuries drivers and passengers sustain in car accidents are head and neck injuries such as concussions and whiplash. A concussion after a car accident can range from mild to severe, and while most generally result in temporary side effects, there can occasionally be complications. You should always seek immediate medical… Read more »

What Are My Rights After A Paralyzing Injury

What Are My Rights After A Paralyzing Injury?

Car accidents that result in catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, can be extremely traumatic and devastating. Suffering a paralyzing injury can leave you permanently disabled and impair your quality of life. Those who suffer catastrophic injuries after an accident can also develop severe emotional distress, including PTSD. Recovering from the physical and emotional pain and… Read more »

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Common Eye Injuries After a Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in the country, especially eye injuries. The eyes are a particularly sensitive area of the body and can easily become damaged in a car crash. In some cases, the injury may be so severe that the victim can lose their eyesight entirely and may… Read more »

10 Ways You Can Destroy Your Car Accident Claim

10 Ways You Can Destroy Your Car Accident Claim

Odds are that you’ve been in an auto accident. Around six million car accidents happen each year, and it’s essential to understand what to do to maximize your claim and keep yourself out of trouble. All it takes is saying one wrong thing to be labeled “at fault” for your accident, even if you weren’t… Read more »

Double Teardrops are Slashing Accident Numbers in Indiana Roundabout City

Double Teardrops are Slashing Accident Numbers in Indiana’s “Roundabout City”

Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries in the United States, and Indiana is no exception. Carmel, Indiana has incorporated helpful road changes that have greatly reduced the number of crashes and injuries sustained at the wheel. Carmel has numerous roundabouts that have been put in place at dangerous intersections, and Carmel also… Read more »

Who is Liable in a Self-Driving Automobile Accident

Who is Liable in a Self-Driving Automobile Accident?

Self-driving vehicles are becoming increasingly common across the United States. Many cities feature numerous self-driving cars, and companies are making advancements in technology to increase the availability of autopilot cars. Although these technological advancements are exciting, self-driving cars are far from perfect. Some errors that occur with autopilot cars can cause traffic accidents, which raises… Read more »