Head Injuries From Car Accidents Caused By Blunt Force Trauma

Head Injuries From Car Accidents Caused By Blunt Force Trauma

Some of the most common types of injuries people sustain in Indiana car accidents are blunt force trauma injuries. And while a blunt force injury can be as simple as a minor bruise, it can also be severe and result in complications, such as head or brain injuries. Unfortunately, many blunt force trauma injuries, like… Read more »

eggshell skull rule

What is the Eggshell Skull Rule in a Personal Injury Case?

When you are injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligent actions, such as a driver running a red light, you can typically file a claim against them to recover compensation for your losses. Specifically, personal injury claims in Indiana can help you get compensation for things like your medical bills and… Read more »

Neck Injury After a Slip and Fall Accident? Our Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Help!

Neck Injury After a Slip and Fall Accident? Our Slip and Fall Lawyers Can Help!

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. They can occur in a store, on a sidewalk, or even in your workplace. These accidents can cause serious neck injuries, including neck pain after a slip and fall, both of which can be particularly debilitating. If you or a loved one have… Read more »

best injury attorney

How Do I Find The Best Injury Attorney After An Accident in Indiana?

Understanding the importance of working with a personal injury attorney after your accident is vital. The advantages of not having to deal with insurance companies on your own are multitudinous. We’ll list some of them here: How to Find the Best Injury Attorney for You There are 62,881 personal injury attorneys in the United States…. Read more »

How to Choose the Best Injury Lawyers for Your Accident Case

How to Choose the Best Injury Lawyers for Your Accident Case

It’s common to hear, “Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney?” There is so much information floating around on the internet or that gets passed around by word of mouth concerning this question that it can be challenging to know what the right answer is. But the real question that people should be asking… Read more »

Compensation for Car Accident Scars and Body Disfiguring

Compensation for Car Accident Scars and Body Disfiguring

Traffic accidents can cause incredibly serious or even fatal injuries, and some of the most tragic injuries include severe scarring and body disfiguring. Bodily disfigurement happens when someone suffers from permanent and visible injuries. In addition to being painful, disfigurement can cause a person to suffer from serious emotional and mental distress and ongoing problems…. Read more »

head on collision

Common Injuries When You Are In a Head On Collision

A head on collision (also called a “frontal” crash) can result in numerous injuries and can have a devastating effect on a person’s ability to return to his or her normal life and make an income. Extreme physical trauma – things like broken bones, internal bleeding, severe lacerations, and burns – are just some of… Read more »

day in the life video

What is a Day in the Life Video and Could It Help My Case?

Insurance companies are notorious for looking for ways to offer reduced settlements to get out of paying victims what they deserve after a car accident. Some insurers may even deny a claim altogether if they feel there is insufficient evidence. Thus, it is crucial to provide as much evidence as possible.  This includes evidence that… Read more »

car insurance tracking devices

Risks of Using Car Insurance Tracking Devices

There are many kinds of gadgets companies use today to make what they do easier or to provide a better customer experience. And insurance companies are no different.  One such gadget or device used by insurers is a car insurance tracking device, which is used as a part of discount programs to offer lower premiums… Read more »

black box car accident

Can a Black Box Car Device Help Prove Who is At Fault After a Car Accident?

Most people have heard of black boxes when referring to airplanes, but it is a little-known fact that motor vehicles can have these devices as well. And when an accident occurs, the data recorded by a vehicle’s black box could potentially help when determining fault.  Read on to learn more about black box car devices… Read more »