fatal crashes involving teen drivers

Risk of Fatal Crash Skyrockets for Teen Drivers in Summer Months

When school’s out, the children reign, and unfortunately, this means an increased risk of being involved in or causing a fatal car accident for teenagers. Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and what experts refer to as the “100 Deadliest Days.” This period spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day and is considered… Read more »

How to Handle Your Teen Driver's First Car Accident

How to Handle Your Teen Driver’s First Car Accident

What you’ll learn reading this article: Being a parent is filled with many milestones: your child’s first tooth, first words, first steps. But another milestone comes years after those early firsts: your child’s first car and, perhaps, first car accident. No parent wants to imagine that their child will be involved in a car accident… Read more »

Is Your Indianapolis Teen Driver Receiving a Car For Christmas?

Christmas, birthdays, and graduations are common occasions for teens to receive their first cars. However, a teen driver that has access to a vehicle 24/7 are on the road much more compared to teen drivers who borrow their parents’ vehicles. If your teenager is receiving a car for Christmas, you should evaluate your child’s readiness… Read more »