fatal motorcycle accidents

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims

Motorcycle accidents are a devastating and all too common occurrence on Indiana roads. With the thrill and freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle, there are also inherent risks. Unfortunately, these risks can sometimes result in fatal accidents, leaving families and loved ones grieving and grappling with the aftermath. In such cases, wrongful death claims… Read more »

wrongful death settlements

How Are Wrongful Death Settlements Paid Out?

Surviving the loss of a loved one is hard enough already. When that loss was caused by someone else’s negligence, the pain can be unbearable.  Dealing with the death of a loved one may also be accompanied by financial strain, emotional burdens, and major life changes for you and other survivors.  Even if you received… Read more »

Wrongful Death Claims for Fatal Car Accidents in Indiana

Wrongful Death Claims for Fatal Car Accidents in Indiana

Car accidents that end in death are tragic. When someone loses their life, it’s not only a tragic and unfair end for them, but it can cause immense pain and suffering for the loved ones left behind. Though no amount of money can ever replace someone you have lost, a wrongful death car accident settlement… Read more »

Seeking Indiana Wrongful Death Damages? The Elements You Need to Know to Prove Your Case

Seeking Indiana Wrongful Death Damages? The Elements You Need to Know to Prove Your Case

Perhaps the most difficult experience in life is losing a loved one, and the death of a family member is even worse when their passing is unexpected. When someone dies due to the negligence or deliberate wrongdoing of a person or company, the victim’s family can hold the liable party financially responsible through a wrongful… Read more »

10 Questions to Ask An Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

10 Questions to Ask A Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve suffered from an injury caused by another person’s negligence, a personal injury attorney can help you recover essential damages for medical bills, lost wages, and more. Your personal injury lawyer can make or break your claim, so you need to interview different firms to find the most suitable representation. Here are some key… Read more »

Indiana Fatal Crashes Rising

Indiana Fatal Crashes Rising

Since the start of the pandemic, reports have shown an increase in fatalities due to reckless driving. Nationwide, there has been an 18.4% increase in fatal car crashes, with some states suffering more than others. In Indiana, fatal crashes are rising with data collected by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute showing an 8% increase since… Read more »

fatal crashes involving teen drivers

Risk of Fatal Crash Skyrockets for Teen Drivers in Summer Months

When school’s out, the children reign, and unfortunately, this means an increased risk of being involved in or causing a fatal car accident for teenagers. Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and what experts refer to as the “100 Deadliest Days.” This period spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day and is considered… Read more »

deaths from unbuckled rear passenger belts

Unbuckled Rear Passenger Deaths

What you’ll learn from reading this article: Seat belt statistics – both front and rear Indiana seatbelt laws Your ability to sue even if you were not wearing a seatbelt Seatbelt Statistics Most people recognize the importance of wearing seatbelts. Back in 2000, only 70.7% of front-seat passengers used seatbelts, but as of 2019, that… Read more »

car accident causing post traumatic stress disorder

What You Should Know About PTSD From A Car Accident

Most people have heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, but many do not know all that it entails.  For example, most people associate PTSD with veterans due to the very traumatic things they experience during combat and war. And while combat is traumatizing, one of the leading causes of PTSD in the United States… Read more »

dui injury

Consequences of Alcohol-Related Car Accidents Change Lives in a Matter of Minutes

What you’ll learn reading this article: Recent catastrophic car accidents in and around Indianapolis show why alcohol-related crashes account for 10% of all Indiana traffic fatalities. Impaired drivers tend to drive at high speeds, operate their vehicles erratically, have slow reaction times and contribute to collisions that injure and kill people. Know the legal concepts… Read more »