Who's at Fault in a T-Bone Indiana Motorcycle Accident?

Who’s at Fault in a T-Bone Indiana Motorcycle Accident?

What you’ll learn from this article: Fatal and non-fatal Indiana motorcycle accidents are on the rise. Contrary to popular belief, motorcyclists aren’t entirely responsible for the trend. Thousands of crashes occur because other motorists slam into motorcycles at intersections and everywhere else on the road. In a motorcycle-vs.-vehicle crash, the motorcyclist is far more likely… Read more »

Questions about Indiana Motorcycle Laws? Contact a Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Questions about Indiana Motorcycle Laws? Contact a Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Every state has laws regarding the use and operation of motor vehicles, including motorcycles. It’s important to understand these laws to keep yourself and others on the road around you safe and to avoid violations that can lead to fines and other serious consequences. If you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate… Read more »

Why Motorcyclists Tend to Be Blamed But Are Not Always Responsible for the Accident

Why Motorcyclists Tend to Be Blamed But Are Not Always Responsible for the Accident

Motorcycles are a fun and exhilarating method of transportation, and it’s no mystery why motorcyclists enjoy riding so much. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle poses a greater degree of risk than operating a standard passenger car. Without the protection of the car’s body and safety features, such as seatbelts, motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer… Read more »

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

What you will learn from reading this article: Common injuries from motorcycle accidents Common causes of motorcycle accidents Riding a motorcycle can best be summed up in two somewhat contradictory anonymous quotations: Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. And There are two kinds of riders: those who have crashed and those… Read more »

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Indianapolis Summertime Motorcycle Safety

Safety is one of the most common topics we discuss when choosing topics for blogs. Sadly, motorcyclists have a high risk of injury or death in a traffic crash because of the lack of protection offered by the vehicle. Furthermore, many motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists, so the cause of the crash is… Read more »

Things to Know About The Motorcycle Helmet Law in Indiana

The motorcycle helmet law in Indiana does not require adults to wear a motorcycle helmet when they ride. However, the motorcycle helmet law in Indiana does require anyone under the age of 17 to wear a helmet when riding. Adults are free to choose whether they wear a helmet. Research proves that motorcycle helmets save… Read more »

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What Causes Head-on Collisions in Indianapolis?

There are many different types of car crashes in Indianapolis. Although all car crashes can result in fatalities and traumatic injuries, head-on collisions can be extremely devastating. In most cases, both vehicles are traveling at higher speeds when they crash into each other. The force of the impact causes serious and traumatic injuries to the… Read more »

Should I Hire an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer?

When someone is injured in an accident, hiring an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer may not seem important. In most cases, seeking medical treatment is the top priority. However, after you see a doctor and you receive medical treatment, you may begin to focus on the property damage and the financial losses related to the accident…. Read more »

Filing a Claim for PTSD After an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist or rider can suffer a variety of injuries in a motorcycle accident. Some injuries caused by a motorcycle cycle may not be visible, such as PTSD. PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychiatric disorder that can develop after a traumatic event. Traumatic events that may cause PTSD include motor-vehicle accidents, natural disasters,… Read more »

Should You Agree to Arbitration or Mediation to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

Most personal injury claims are settled without filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, intense negotiations are often required to settle an accident claim. In some cases, the other party may suggest using mediation or arbitration to settle a personal injury claim. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys evaluate an accident claim carefully to determine whether it… Read more »