Increase in Indianapolis Pedestrian Accidents

Increase in Indianapolis Pedestrian Accidents

What you’ll learn reading this article: Fatal pedestrian accidents are on the rise throughout the entire United States. Indianapolis has one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the U.S. Several ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from pedestrian accidents in Indianapolis. Warmer weather means an increase in walkers and bicyclists, and… Read more »

PERSONAL INJURY CASES — Pedestrian Accident in Indianapolis

If a negligent driver hits you while you are walking or jogging in Indianapolis, you may be entitled to compensation. The personal injury laws in Indiana provide a way for pedestrians hit by vehicles to recover money to compensate them for their accident-related expenses and damages. Our Indianapolis pedestrian accident attorneys can help you file… Read more »

New Section of The Monon Trail Can Help Keep Bicyclists and Pedestrians Safe

Last month was the grand opening of the extended Monon Trail. The 24-mail trail runs from downtown Indianapolis to the City of Sheridan in Hamilton County. Walkers, joggers, and bicyclists have a safe path that connects a variety of areas. The path is also wheelchair accessible. Because of its location, the path offers protection from… Read more »