can you report a drunk driver after the fact

Can You Report a Drunk Driver After the Fact?

In 2020, there were 106 fatal drunk-driving collisions in Indiana. These incidents caused 124 deaths. Driving while intoxicated is never acceptable and is extremely dangerous to both the impaired driver and those on the road around them.  If you notice a vehicle driving erratically on the street, should you notify the police? If you suspect… Read more »

How Do I Report a Driver That is Drunk or Unsafe?

How Do I Report a Driver That is Drunk or Unsafe?

While drinking and driving is illegal, no law requires another person to report a driver that has been drinking. Still, while many states have their own plans and initiatives to cut down on drunk driving, it can be beneficial when other drivers call in to report these instances, as it can help prevent and reduce… Read more »

It's Not Just Bars. Private Party Hosts Can Also Be Found Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents

It’s Not Just Bars. Private Party Hosts Can Also Be Found Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is highly dangerous and can cause a serious or fatal traffic accident. If you’re injured in a wreck caused by a drunk driver, you can file a personal injury claim against them. Additionally, if someone served the drunk driver alcohol while they were already intoxicated, you can file a… Read more »

drunk driving accident

Can a Passenger Recover Damages After a Drunk Driving Accident?

Drunk driving is a serious offense that can lead to devastating accidents. When damages and injuries are sustained from an Indiana drunk driving accident, injured victims have a right to take legal action against the drunk driver, including individuals who were passengers in an affected vehicle. However, understanding your rights as a passenger and navigating… Read more »

Effectively Pursuing a Dram Shop Case: What You Need to Know

What you’ll learn from reading this article: The ins and outs of dram shop law Why you should pursue a dram shop case How to effectively pursue dram shop liability Though drunk driving laws are quite strict, resulting in serious punishments and reparations, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that around 10,000 people still… Read more »

dui damages and injuries

Types of Damages You Can Suffer in a DUI Accident

What you’ll learn reading this article: Indiana DUI crashes cause life-changing economic and non-economic damages. As an injured person, you can seek compensation for certain damages. A DUI accident lawyer can help you secure high-value compensation. This year, hundreds of Indiana DUI crashes will cause severe bodily injuries and deep emotional wounds. Recovering from a… Read more »

Beer glass

Is a Bar Liable for a Drunk Driver in Indiana?

What you’ll learn reading this article: After a DUI accident involving an intoxicated person, the investigation starts. The authorities look for evidence that the driver was drunk and try to determine what the driver was doing just before the crash. Were they drinking alone at home? Did they have passengers in the car? Were they… Read more »

3rd party in a dui accident

Third-Party Liability in a DUI Crash

What you’ll learn reading this article: When you file an accident claim with your own insurance company, that’s a first-party claim. In this article, we’d like to look at third-party DUI accident claims, where you file with the other driver’s insurance company after a drunk-driving crash. Would you know when to make a third party… Read more »

compensation for accident caused by dui

How to Recover Compensation When Injured in an Indiana DUI Accident

What you’ll learn reading this article: DUI accident-related injuries can be traumatic and result in chronic pain as well as substantial financial losses. Experienced DUI accident attorneys know the ins and outs of Indiana law and can help you to recover compensation for the financial, physical and mental toll the injury has caused you.  Contacting… Read more »