Can I Sue the HOA for My Slip and Fall?

Slip and falls can occur anywhere. You can experience a minor or serious fall in an area that you frequent every day, whether it’s your local grocery store, park, or even your own neighborhood. Slip and fall cases usually result in only minor injuries, such as scrapes and bruises, but serious injuries can also occur…. Read more »

broken stairs injury

Have You Suffered an Injury from Broken or Defective Stairs? Here’s What to Do

What you’ll learn from reading this article: Common injuries resulting from a slip or fall on stairs Causes for accidental falls on staircases Indiana Premises Liability Law requirements You’ve probably experienced the heart-stopping moment when your foot failed to make contact with a stair, and you seemed likely to launch yourself through the air. That… Read more »

indianapolis premises liability attorneys

Understanding Indiana’s Premises Liability Law

After reading this article, you will be able to answer these questions: What are common terms used in Indiana’s Premises Liability Law? In which scenarios could a property owner be held liable for damages? How does this law work for you if you are injured? Basic terms used in Indiana’s Premises Liability Law include: Invitee:… Read more »