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Who’s at Fault When Brake Failure Causes a Truck Accident?

Mechanical failures are common occurrences in large commercial trucks, more common than you might think. Semi-trucks take on a lot of stress from carrying heavy cargo, running for long hours, and driving up and down steep grades. And one of the systems in these vehicles that often takes the most amount of stress is the… Read more »

semi truck accident

Determining Fault After an Indiana Semi Truck Accident

The trucking industry is a crucial part of our society. Every day, thousands of trucks on the roads transport goods across the country. However, as integral as the commercial trucking industry is to the economy, these large trucks can also cause significant damage and devastating injuries when accidents occur. In 2020, over 100,000 large trucks… Read more »

Mooresville Intersection—Indiana St. and County Line Rd.—Considered Dangerous

Mooresville Intersection—Indiana St. and County Line Rd.—Considered Dangerous

The intersection at Indiana St. and County Line Rd. in Mooresville, Indiana has been in the news a lot recently. The cause of the problem? An increase in traffic due to construction on a nearby highway.  Residents in the town are complaining that as a result of nearby construction on the highway, traffic is being… Read more »

fair market value

How to Calculate Fair Market Value After a Car or Truck Accident in Indiana?

After an Indiana car accident, most people tend to worry about their injuries and well-being, as they should. Seeking emergency medical attention is crucial after an accident to ensure your health is taken care of and to ensure you get adequately compensated for your medical expenses. However, something accident victims tend to overlook is their… Read more »