Mooresville Intersection—Indiana St. and County Line Rd.—Considered Dangerous

Mooresville Intersection—Indiana St. and County Line Rd.—Considered Dangerous

The intersection at Indiana St. and County Line Rd. in Mooresville, Indiana has been in the news a lot recently. The cause of the problem? An increase in traffic due to construction on a nearby highway. 

Residents in the town are complaining that as a result of nearby construction on the highway, traffic is being re-routed through town—and through this intersection specifically. Unfortunately, the small town was simply not built to handle so much traffic. 

Semi-trucks seem to be a particular concern as this is not a truck route. But with the construction blocking off the highway, there is nowhere else for them to go except through the town and through the Indiana St. and County Line Rd. intersection. 

In the past three years, as construction projects have been ongoing, the town has seen a significant increase in crashes overall, but especially at this intersection. In 2019 there were 380 accidents, 318 in 2020, and 366 in 2021. 

In 2021, the same woman was hit twice at this intersection within the span of four months, one of those times involving a semi-truck that plowed right into her without stopping. Another accident just this year, in 2022, involved a student that was hit while crossing the street to get to her bus. 

Unfortunately, nothing much is being done to fix the problem. Until the construction projects are finished, routing traffic through town is the only solution. Residents and authorities are simply asking that people be more mindful of their speed and have a little patience. 

If you are injured in an accident in Mooresville, Indiana, one of our personal injury attorneys can assist you. We understand how frustrating it can be when local municipalities don’t do much to reduce accidents at dangerous intersections, but we are here to help. 

Our Mooresville and Indianapolis car accident attorneys have years of experience handling a wide range of cases, including those involving intersection collisions. Let us help you navigate this trying time and get the high-value settlement you deserve. 

What Causes Intersection Accidents?

More than 50% of crashes that involve fatalities and injuries occur at intersections. But what is it exactly that causes dangerous accidents to happen more often at these spots?

  • Inadequate surveillance and enforcement of traffic laws
  • Illegal maneuvers
  • Turning with an obstructed view
  • False assumptions about what another driver is going to do
  • Speeding
  • Failing to stop or yield the right of way at stop signs or traffic lights

The factors listed above, as well as any number of other factors, can result in an accident occurring at an intersection. Most often, however, it is the result of a negligent driver disobeying traffic rules and regulations. 

Intersection Accident Injuries

T-bone collisions are the most common type of accident that occurs at intersections, usually as the result of one car proceeding through when another car coming from another direction plows into them from the side. Unfortunately, T-bone collisions are also the most dangerous and can result in severe and fatal injuries. 

Common intersection injuries include:

Determining Fault After an Intersection Accident

Determining who is at fault after an intersection collision can be challenging, especially if there are multiple drivers involved. In most cases, it is the driver who crashed into or hit another driver that is considered at fault. 

For example, if a car was proceeding through the intersection when another car came through and crashed into the side of the first car, it is that second car that will likely be at fault. However, this is not necessarily true in all cases. 

Another example could be if the light turns green and a car starts to proceed through only to end up hitting a car that decided to run the red light at the last minute. In this case, the car that ran the red light would most likely be the one considered at fault, even though they were struck by the other vehicle. 

All in all, determining fault in an intersection accident requires working with an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you gather sufficient evidence to prove what happened and ensure the right party is held accountable. Without an attorney, gathering evidence can be challenging, and it might end up being your word against the other driver, which could result in an outcome that you don’t deserve. 

Consult With an Indianapolis Intersection Accident Lawyer 

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