roundabout accident indianapolis

Are Traffic Roundabouts Reducing Car Crashes As Intended?

What you’ll learn reading this article: Roundabouts are intended to reduce car crashes, although many traffic intersections converted to traffic circles have actually become more accident-prone than before. Carmel, Indiana -the roundabout capital of the world- is looking at additional ways to limit crashes at traffic crossings, including an enforceable speed limit for roundabouts. If… Read more »

train collides with vehicle

Collisions Involving Vehicles and Trains Are More Common in Indiana That You Think

What you’ll learn reading this article: Indiana ranks #3 for the number of vehicle-train collisions in the United States. Vehicle-train collisions are more common than you think, with over 2,000 collisions occurring in the United States in 2018. Many accidents involving vehicles and trains occur at unprotected train crossings. In December 2019, two different vehicles… Read more »

dram shop liability

How DUI and Dram Shop Liability Are Related

What you’ll learn reading this article: Impairment can happen at a BAC level of .02%, only ¼ of the legal DUI concentration. Impaired drivers may not always meet the established blood alcohol concentration DUI level and yet they can still cause alcohol-related accidents. Bar and restaurant owners who over-serve can be found legally responsible for… Read more »

winter weather may cause accidents

How Weather Conditions Affect Car Crashes in Indianapolis and How to Drive Through It

What you’ll learn reading this article: Weather conditions can affect even the best driver’s abilities. Especially in winter, drivers require careful focus to avoid accidents involving other vehicles.  More than just ice and snow can contribute to adverse driving conditions. Be sure you know whether you are heading out in poor conditions.  There are several… Read more »

dui injury

Consequences of Alcohol-Related Car Accidents Change Lives in a Matter of Minutes

What you’ll learn reading this article: Recent catastrophic car accidents in and around Indianapolis show why alcohol-related crashes account for 10% of all Indiana traffic fatalities. Impaired drivers tend to drive at high speeds, operate their vehicles erratically, have slow reaction times and contribute to collisions that injure and kill people. Know the legal concepts… Read more »

underinsured driver indiana

Injured By An Underinsured Driver? What You Can Do

What you’ll learn reading this article: When hit and injured by an underinsured driver, you may be at a personal loss for thousands of dollars and should seek the help of a qualified attorney to fight for your rights.  The state of Indiana requires all drivers to carry minimum liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage…. Read more »

dram shop laws

This Holiday Season Understand Indiana’s Dram Shop Laws as a Business Owner and as a Patron

What you’ll learn reading this article: The holiday season is upon us – business owners should review their responsibility and patrons should know their rights as they relate to Indiana’s dram shop liability laws. Indiana’s dram shop liability laws affect social hosts such as private event businesses and caterers as well as business owners licensed… Read more »

driving indiana trucks

Proactively Sharing the Road with Trucks Minimizes Collisions in Indiana

What you’ll learn reading this article: A recent study suggests collisions involving standard-size and commercial vehicles such as cars and semi-trucks, have increased each year since 2013 by 5%. Accidents with large trucks can be the most dangerous and fatal. Take steps to better share the road with large trucks and avoid possible accidents. If… Read more »

liquor liability laws

How Liquor Liability Laws Affect Indiana Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

What you’ll learn reading this article: In just six years’ time, the number of breweries in the United States increased by almost 5,000.  Indiana is home to over 100 wineries, about 25 distilleries and at least 83 breweries throughout the state, many in close proximity to one another, which encourages “brewery-hopping” and tasting events that… Read more »

slip fall attorney indiana

Harsh Reality of Slip and Fall Injuries in Indiana

What you’ll learn reading this article: Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injury for all Americans as young as 24 years. Injuries from slip and fall accidents could affect your ability to work, earn income and enjoy life. Slip and falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims for… Read more »