Proving Soft-Tissue Damage After a Car Accident

soft tissue injuries in accidents

What you’ll learn reading this article:

  • Many soft-tissue injuries may not be readily apparent after an accident and may take days to weeks to show symptoms. 
  • Soft-tissue injuries can cause debilitating pain and result in a variety of uncomfortable symptoms for the victim.
  • Insurance companies will fight soft-tissue injuries, and seeking the help of an experienced soft-tissue attorney can help you to recover damages.

When we picture car accident injuries, we tend to first picture broken bones and head injuries before anything else, and while these are very common injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents, other injuries can be just as damaging and dangerous albeit less visible.

Soft-tissue injuries refer to any injuries occurring to the muscles, ligaments and tendons. These injuries are often invisible until bruising occurs (if it occurs) but can be incredibly painful and life altering.

What Are the Most Common Soft-Tissue Injuries?

The most common soft-tissue injuries that occur with a car accident are sprains, strains and contusions (bruises). While these may not sound too serious (we all tend to remember spraining an ankle in gym class), don’t be fooled. Sprains, strains and contusions can cause the victim immense pain and take weeks of rest, treatment and physical therapy to recover from fully.

Another serious soft-tissue injury that can occur in car accidents, particularly rear-end accidents, is whiplash. Whiplash can cause severe neck pain for the victim, with headaches, blurred vision, trouble sleeping, tinnitus and more additional symptoms.

Additionally, some soft-tissue injuries can take up to a year to heal, whereas many may result in years of chronic pain and problems for the victim.

It is important to note that while seat belts can protect the wearer from sustaining certain injuries in a car accident and are certainly lifesaving, their presence cannot guarantee the wearer will not sustain soft-tissue damage.

Even slow-moving accidents can result in soft-tissue damage—vehicles moving only five miles per hour can result in whiplash.

How Do I Prove a Soft-Tissue Injury?

Even though not all soft-tissue injuries can be seen, even with diagnostic tests like X-rays, seeking treatment right away can be imperative to proving a soft-tissue injury stemmed from a car accident.

It may be that the effects of the damage aren’t apparent right away, but having a medical paper trail shows that you sought help as soon as the accident occurred and not before it.

While it is best to be seen immediately after the accident, many soft-tissue injuries may not begin to show symptoms until 24-48 hours or even longer has passed and therefore may be missed on an initial exam.

Once symptoms do occur, seeking medical care and mentioning your car accident to the physician is of great importance.

Additionally, keeping track of your symptoms, problems with mobility or missed workdays also can help you to pinpoint the accident as the cause of the problems.

What About My Insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for trying to poke holes in a victim’s story in order to avoid bigger payouts. Because of this, insurance companies often will be skeptical about soft-tissue damage and try to convince you that such injuries are not recoverable for damages.

This is not the case. In order to go toe to toe with your insurance company, be sure to consult an attorney. Experienced personal injury lawyers are well versed in the tricks that insurance companies will use to keep you from the compensation you deserve.

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