Long-Term Complications From Traumatic Brain Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are one of the most common types of injuries sustained by motorcyclists and their passengers. Even when a rider wears a helmet, the rider can suffer a TBI or other brain injury. In many cases, the individual’s head is violently slammed into the ground or another object causing severe trauma. Even without a direct impact, the brain can slam around inside the skull cause significant brain damage.

It is imperative that a motorcyclist or passenger receives medical treatment immediately following a motorcycle accident. Without medical care, the TBI could cause significant impairment and permanent damage. Therefore, regardless of whether or not you think you may have suffered a head injury, you should seek immediate medical care after a motorcycle crash.

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Complications from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Severe brain injuries increase the risk of complications from a TBI. Some complications may occur within hours or weeks of the accident, but some complications may take months or even years to develop.

According to the Mayo Clinic, potential complications from a TBI include:

  • Altered Consciousness, including comas, vegetative state, minimally conscious, or brain death
  • Physical Problems, including seizures, infections, headaches, fluid on the brain, blood vessel damage, and vertigo
  • Intellectual Problems, such as cognitive issues and executive functioning problems
  • Communication Problems, including cognitive and social issues
  • Behavior and Emotional Changes, such as anxiety, difficulty with self-control, depression, outbursts, and mood swings
  • Sensory Problems, including problems with vision, hearing, taste, and touch
  • Degenerative Brian Disease, including increased risk for developing Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia Pugilistica

Depending on the type of complication and the severity of the complication, the impact on the motorcyclist’s life can be catastrophic.

Long-Term Effects of a TBI Caused by a Motorcycle Accident

In addition to the potential complications from a TBI, the long-term effects of a TBI can also be devastating. The cost of long-term medical care and personal care can be overwhelming as the family tries to find ways to pay the expenses caused by the injury. In severe cases, matters become worse because the victim cannot return to work. Therefore, the cost of care combined with the lost wages further decreases the quality of life of the accident victim and the family.

However, filing a motorcycle accident claim to hold the negligent party responsible for damages can help the victim and the family. With settlement funds, the victim can focus on learning how to cope with the permanent impairments. An injury claim settlement can pay the living expenses for the family so that they can help care for their loved one. It can be very difficult learning to live with a permanent disability; however, with support and medical assistance, victims can thrive and enjoy life after a TBI caused by a motorcycle accident.

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