Should You Fill Out An Incident Report For A Slip and Fall?

slip and fall incident report
slip and fall injuries

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), slips and falls account for over 1 million hospital emergency room visits each year, or 12% of total falls. Additionally, slips and falls represent the primary cause of lost work days. 

You may think slips and falls are reserved for elderly people or those who are clumsy, but actually, they can happen to anyone at any time. 

Let’s say you were the one to slip and fall, but you only have a couple of scrapes and bruises. You might ask yourself if you should really complete a slip-and-fall incident report. Or maybe you have to go straight to the emergency room as a result of injuries from a slip and fall. Should you take the time to fill out a slip-and-fall incident report? The answer to both of these scenarios is yes. 

Read on to learn what to do if you’ve been involved in a slip-and-fall accident

What To Do After A Slip and Fall Incident

As soon as a slip and fall occurs, you can be disoriented and possibly in pain. The last thing you are thinking about is gathering evidence to file a claim. However, there’s no better time to take the appropriate steps to document everything than right after the slip-and-fall incident happens. Your memory of the incident will be fresh, and your report will be the most accurate immediately after the fall.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Report the Incident – Involve the management of the place where you fell, or if the fall is in a public place, call 911. This should kick off the dispatch of medical personnel and law enforcement who can document your injuries and what happened to you.
  2. Seek Medical Care – Even if your injuries appear minor, visit your local hospital emergency room to get checked out after a personal injury, such as a slip and fall. Sometimes injuries are internal and may not be discovered without appropriate testing at the hospital.
  3. Call a Lawyer – In times like these, you want to call a law office with personal injury experience that matches your case. Contact the experienced Indianapolis Slip and Fall Attorneys at Poynter & Bucheri so you can ask questions about what to do next and learn how they can help you during your recovery.

How to Fill Out a Slip-and-Fall Incident Report

You are your best advocate. The managers and property owners on site might have experience filling out an incident report, but it’s possible they’ve never had to file one before. It’s crucial for you to know how to complete one to capture the essential information needed in case you file a claim. Make sure this information is documented as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Note that some establishments might have a printed form already. Others might not be prepared with one. Regardless, you should capture the following information on your own document, a pre-printed one or one from your lawyer’s office.

Here’s the info you need to take down:

  • Date, time, and location of the slip-and-fall incident
  • Names and contact information of yourself, witnesses, and employees
  • What happened right before the incident
  • Weather and environmental conditions
  • Your injuries
  • Damage to surrounding equipment or the area, if applicable

Then, it’s essential that you explain the order of events. Clearly describe all the details that led up to the accident and what happened right after the incident. Recall where you entered the location and exactly where you fell. Even the most minor details can help prove who was at fault and who can be held accountable should you file a claim. 

slip and fall incidents

Now it’s time to remember things that could have caused the accident and write them in your report. Was there something on the floor? Was the floor uneven? Did an object block your vision? Was there ice on the floor? How about cracked pavement? Or debris that littered the floor? How was the lighting? 

Recalling all of these facts as soon as possible after the slip-and-fall incident will ensure the details are recent in your mind. Obviously, waiting to write the incident report means you could forget crucial information as you gather evidence for your claim.  

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