3 Arguments Insurance Companies Make to Reduce Your Settlement

arguments insurance agents make against settlement

What you’ll learn reading this article:

  • Insurance companies use common tactics to limit claims.
  • Insurance adjusters may try to blame you, say you weren’t hurt, or bring up a pre-existing injury.
  • Stand up to the insurance company by gathering documentation and getting a lawyer.
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There are 3 common arguments insurance companies make after car accidents. They use these arguments to make you feel that your claim isn’t worthwhile and to reduce the amount of compensation they pay for your property damage and medical bills.

Let’s look at these 3 arguments and review how you can combat them to be prepared before talking to the insurance company.

Argument 1: It’s All Your Fault!

Get ready to get blamed for your accident. Even if you feel that it was 100% the other person’s fault – and even if they admitted it at the scene – their insurance representative may deny their responsibility.

It’s common for an insurance company to make this argument. They’re trying to guilt you into admitting that you were at least partially at fault, which impacts how much your claim is worth.

For example, even if the other person ran a red light and the police report cited them for it, the insurance company may try to say that you’re still 30% at fault. That would reduce your compensation by 30%.

Argument 2: Your Injuries are Minor.

The insurance company may challenge you about the severity of your injuries. They might point out that you didn’t go directly to the emergency room or hassle you about taking several days to go to the doctor.

Bottom line, don’t let them fool you into thinking your injuries aren’t serious enough for a claim. Seek medical attention as quickly as possible after the accident and start a paper trail about your injuries.

Even if you don’t feel any pain or bodily damage at the scene, get checked out at a medical office and save your medical records. This shows you acted promptly and demonstrates that the injuries were directly attributable to the car accident.

Argument 3: You Have a Preexisting Condition.

Finally, the insurance company may admit that you’re hurt but try to attribute some of your pain and suffering to a preexisting condition. They may say that your pain is due to this preexisting condition and isn’t necessarily related to the car accident.

Don’t be fooled. That’s no excuse. In Indiana, you’re able to be compensated for aggravations of preexisting injuries. An insurance company can’t avoid your claim simply by stating that you have a preexisting condition.

Get in touch with your doctor to determine whether what you’re suffering from is an aggravation of your preexisting injury as a result of the accident. Work with your Indianapolis car accident attorney to understand Indiana’s personal injury laws and to stand up to the insurance company and meet their challenges at every turn.

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