Common Back Surgeries You Might Need After a Car Accident

Common Back Surgeries You Might Need After a Car Accident

Any type of injury can be a pain to deal with, but some injuries are certainly worse than others. And when it comes to car accidents, back injuries are often the most common result. Unfortunately, not only are back injuries painful and debilitating, but they can be incredibly expensive to treat, especially if surgery from a car accident is required. 

If you suffer from a back injury after a car accident in Indiana, you should consult with a local personal injury attorney about your case. A personal injury claim can help you recover compensation to pay for your medical expenses and other damages, but not all victims get the full and fair compensation they deserve. Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to reduce settlement amounts, but with an attorney handling your case, you are more likely to get the full settlement you need and deserve to pay for your back injury treatments. 

Back Injuries and Car Accidents

The back and spinal cord are particularly vulnerable to injury when a person is involved in a car accident. This is because the force placed on the body from impact often reverberates through the back and spine, causing the body to jerk and whip violently around. In some cases, you can even be thrown from your vehicle, or an object can pierce the back or spinal cord, causing even worse damage. 

Unfortunately, this type of trauma or injury can take a long time to heal, and even with surgery, some people may suffer long-term pain and permanent damage that can significantly impact their quality of life. 

For example, a back injury can leave you paralyzed, significantly limit your mobility, cause weakness in your legs, result in loss of bladder and bowel control, and can lead to chronic nerve, muscle, and joint pain. All of these things can reduce your ability to function and perform daily tasks, which can reduce your quality of life and even lead to depression. 

Examples of common back and spinal cord injuries sustained in car accidents include:

  • Back strains and sprains
  • Compression fractures
  • Herniated discs
  • Vertebrae fractures
  • Nerve damage and paralysis

5 Most Common Back Surgeries Needed After a Car Accident

How a back injury is treated can vary from one individual to the next and will depend on what kind of injury was sustained. In some cases, a back injury could be mild and only require rest and the use of pain relievers and muscle relaxants. However, with more moderate to severe back injuries, surgery may be required.

The five most common surgeries required for car accident back injuries include:

  1. Spinal Fusion: This surgery is often used to help treat chronic back pain that can occur for various reasons after an accident. During the procedure, the doctor will fuse vertebrae using bone grafts to limit the motion of the vertebrae to help with pain. Of course, this does limit flexibility, and it also requires a long recovery period. 
  2. Laminectomy: Also known as spinal decompression, a laminectomy is used to help treat a narrowing of the spinal canal. During the procedure, the doctor will remove parts of the bone or ligaments in your back to open up and create more space in the spinal column to relieve pressure. In some cases, a spinal fusion will also be performed after a laminectomy to help support the spinal cord, as the laminectomy can make the spine less stable. 
  3. Discectomy: This surgery is typically used to treat herniated or bulging discs that are pressing on the spinal nerves. For the procedure, the doctor will remove either the entire disc or only part of it. As with the laminectomy, this surgery is also often performed alongside other back surgeries to treat the entire issue or injury. 
  4. Nucleoplasty: This is a laser surgery that uses radiofrequency energy to treat herniated discs and lower back pain. During the procedure, the doctor will insert a needle into the disc, and then the laser device will be inserted into the needle and heated. This creates a field that vaporizes the disc tissue, which can reduce its size and relieve pressure. 
  5. Disc Replacement: A disc replacement surgery is fairly straightforward. It is a procedure used to replace a damaged disc in the vertebrae with an artificial disc. This can restore movement and alleviate pain in the spine, and it requires a much shorter recovery time than other options. 

Consult With an Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney 

In addition to the pain and suffering a back injury can cause, treatment options and surgeries can also be quite expensive, further adding to the trauma and stress of the situation. This is why it is crucial that injured victims work with an experienced personal injury attorney. 

When you are trying to focus on rest and recovery, the last thing you want is to be buried under a mountain of medical bills and other expenses resulting from the accident. A personal injury claim can help you recover compensation, and working with an attorney will help ensure you get the full car accident settlement you deserve. 

At Poynter & Bucheri Accident Recovery, we understand how stressful and overwhelming dealing with an injury claim can be on top of dealing with your pain. Let us help you navigate your claim and take care of the details and paperwork so you can rest and focus on getting the treatment you need to recover. 

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