ATV Safety Tips to Avoid an ATV Accident in Indianapolis

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ATV season has arrived! For diehard riders, ATV season never ends. However, many riders enjoy riding during the late spring through early fall. Summer also has additional riders because schools are out of session, so more kids and teens have time to hit the trails, which could equal more accidents and injuries. If you are injured in an ATV accident, contact the PBAR legal team for a free consultation with an Indianapolis ATV accident attorney.

ATV Accident Statistics

According to the CPSC, between 1982 and 2016, there were 14,653 ATV-related fatalities reported to the CPSC. Twenty-two percent of the deaths or 3,232 were children younger than 16 years of age. Emergency departments treated approximately 101,200 ATV-related injuries during 2016. Children under 16 years of age sustained roughly 26 percent of the injuries.

As we ramp up for a busy ATV season, it is a good idea to review some of the basic ATV safety tips. All riders and parents need to make ATV safety a priority.

ATV Safety Tips That Can Prevent Accidents, Injuries, and Deaths

  • Conduct a pre-ride inspection every time you ride your ATV. The ATV could have sustained damage from harsh off-road conditions during your last ride. A quick 10-minute inspection can reduce the risk of being injured from a faulty or broken part.
  • Always wear protective gear whenever you ride an ATV. Gear that can reduce the risk of or minimize injuries includes a certified ATV helmet, goggles, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, and long-sleeve shirts and pants. Some riders invest in special riding clothing that adds another layer of protection in case of an ATV accident.
  • Never ride alone. You should have at least one other person riding with you in case something goes wrong, such as a crash, running out of gas, or a break down.
  • Only one rider per ATV unless your ATV is specifically designed for more than one rider. Carrying a passenger on a single-rider ATV can increase your chance for an accident.
  • Ride on designated trails and avoid paved roads. ATVs are for off-road operation. Motorists are not looking out for ATVs and could easily hit a rider. Only cross paved roads when permitted by law and do so cautiously and safely.
  • Ride an ATV that is correct for your age and size. Do not allow children to ride an ATV designed for an adult.
  • Always supervise children when riding ATVs. Children should take an ATV training course before riding.
  • Never ride an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Stunts can cause serious injuries. It may be tempting to perform stunts or ride difficult trails, but you should avoid these risks if you do not have sufficient experience and training to do so safely.
  • If you are tired, stop riding. Operating an ATV safely requires your full attention. It also requires strength and stamina. Fatigue can impair your ability to remain alert and operate the ATV safely.

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