Three Situations That Create Close Calls on the Highway & How to Avoid Highway Accidents

Most drivers have experienced a close call on the highway. A vehicle swerving into your lane or a sudden traffic jam that causes everyone to slam on breaks can make you realize just how close you came to a being involved in a traffic accident. Unfortunately, for many drivers, these close calls turn into tragic accidents that result in serious injuries and significant damages. In this blog, our Indianapolis car accident attorneys discuss three close calls on the highway and the steps you can take to reduce your risk of being involved in a highway accident.

Disabled or Parked Cars

Disabled or parked cars on the side of the highway can create dangerous situations for drivers. Drivers and occupants of parked vehicles may open the door unexpectedly causing vehicles to swerve into another lane to avoid striking the vehicle. Drivers will often slow down to stare at the vehicles on the side of the highway causing rear-end collisions. Whenever possible, move to the far lane if you see a disabled vehicle. Slow down just slightly when passing the vehicle and continue looking at the road ahead of you to avoid causing a traffic jam.

For the drivers and passengers in the disabled vehicle, being parked on the side of the highway can also be dangerous. Distracted drivers may swerve and hit your vehicle. If possible, you should pull over onto the far side of the shoulder and remain in your vehicle with your seat belt buckled until help arrives. If you must exit the vehicle, exit on the side of the vehicle facing away from traffic and move as far away from the vehicle as possible.

Passing Vehicles on the Highway

It can be very frustrating to be stuck behind a slow driver. However, you need to be cautious when passing vehicles.  You should always check your mirrors and blind spots before moving into the other lane. Increase your speed before moving into the lane so that you have time to accelerate to pass the vehicle. Also, make sure that you do not cut in front of the vehicle. A driver may slam on the brakes and cause an accident if you cut too close in front of the vehicle.

Distracted Driving on the Highway

Distracted driving is dangerous in any situation. However, vehicles tend to travel faster on the highway. Accidents at high rates of speed can cause catastrophic and life-threatening injuries. It is vital that you avoid all distractions while driving on the highway. In addition to avoiding a distracted driving accident, paying close attention to the road may give you the few seconds that you need to take defensive actions to avoid a highway accident caused by a negligent driver.

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