Five Types of Photographs You Need After a Car Accident

When another driver causes a car accident, that driver should be liable for damages caused by the crash. However, you must prove that the driver caused the crash to recover compensation for injuries. Photographs and videos of the accident scene can help establish fault. Therefore, if possible, try to take photographs and videos after a car crash. If you are unable to do this yourself because you are injured, ask someone you trust to take the pictures and videos for you.

In some cases, it is impossible for an accident victim to take photographs or make videos after a car accident. Contact our PBAR legal team as soon as possible so that we can help you document the accident scene for your injury claim.

What Kind of Pictures Do You Need?

Pictures and videos from different angles are very helpful. You want to make sure you include at least five different types of pictures when you are photographing an accident scene:

  • The vehicles involved in the crash. Try to get as much detail as possible, including photographs of the damage and position of the vehicles from several different angles. Include pictures of the license plates too.
  • The accident scene. Document as much of the scene surrounding the accident as possible. Make sure you include debris, broken glass, skid marks, road signs, traffic signals, light poles, traffic flow, etc. This information might assist an accident reconstructionist in recreating how the accident happened to establish fault.
  • The weather conditions. Even though the weather conditions may change quickly, it is a good idea to document the weather at the time of the crash. In some cases, the weather might be a factor in the cause of the crash. However, most crashes involving weather conditions also involve driver error. Therefore, you need to consult with an Indianapolis car accident attorney even if the accident occurred during poor weather conditions.
  • The area surrounding the accident scene. You should also take photographs and make videos of the surrounding area. These pictures can help establish where the accident occurred, such as a parking lot, busy intersection, neighborhood street, etc. Make sure to include photographs of surrounding businesses that might have video cameras. Your attorney may be able to obtain the videos from the businesses to help establish fault.

Photographs of Your Injuries

In addition to taking photographs of the accident scene, you should also make photographs of your injuries. Documenting your injuries is very important. It is one thing to read about the severity of an injury, but it is another thing to “see” the damage caused by the injury. Do not forget to photograph bruises because bruises will heal, but they can be evidence of physical injuries. Also, continue to photograph your injuries to capture the permanent scarring or disfigurement. You might recover compensation for permanent damages.

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