hit and run laws

What Are the Hit and Run Laws in Indiana?

Hit and runs are often the most frustrating and challenging kind of accidents to deal with as a victim. When someone hits you and flees the scene, not only do you have your injuries to worry about, but you may also wonder how you are going to file a claim for compensation if there is… Read more »

What To Know About Pursuing a Meniscus Tear Car Accident Settlement

What To Know About Pursuing a Meniscus Tear Car Accident Settlement

The sudden physical trauma of a car accident can cause various minor and serious injuries. The knee is especially susceptible to injury in a wreck because it contains different fragile parts, and one such vulnerable part of the knee is the meniscus. Vehicle collision victims frequently suffer from meniscus tears, which can lead to expensive… Read more »

Sharing the Road: Are Bike Lanes Really Safe?

Sharing the Road: Are Bike Lanes Really Safe?

The draws of opting for a bicycle over a car are hard to ignore. When you choose to commute via a bicycle, you don’t have to pay for insurance or gas, they’re lightweight and portable, and not to mention you get some great cardio in as well. This does not, however, exclude bicyclists from hazards… Read more »

Bicycle Accidents Caused By Driving Distractions in Indiana

Bicycle Accidents Caused By Driving Distractions in Indiana

Cycling is becoming increasingly common these days. In fact, many riders have started to opt for bicycling to commute around town instead of driving or using public transportation. And there has been an especially large increase in bicyclists on the road since the pandemic, as cycling is a more socially distant and healthy way to… Read more »

Older Drivers and Car Accidents in Indiana

Older Drivers and Car Accidents in Indiana

What you’ll learn reading this article: Indiana has extra driving rules that apply to people age 75 and older. When there are concerns about an older driver’s fitness to drive, the BMV could start an investigation. An Indiana car accident attorney is a great resource for legal options after an older driver causes a car… Read more »

soft tissue injury

Can Soft Tissue Damage Be Permanent From A Car Accident?

What you’ll learn reading this article: Soft tissue injuries can be just as severe as other types of car accident injuries. You could have permanent and disabling soft tissue damage. Proving a soft tissue injury can be difficult and requires a doctor’s diagnosis. A car accident lawyer can help you make a strong case for… Read more »

mechanical failure

Did a Mechanical Failure Contribute to Your Car Crash?

When operating your vehicle, you rely on the overall safety of its design and maintenance. Unfortunately, mechanical issues can cause a traffic accident, even if you were driving safely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that there are thousands of wrecks caused by mechanical failures every year. Mechanical failures can result from the negligence… Read more »

i-70 accidents

Accidents Piling Up On Interstate 70 Amid Construction Project

The stretch of construction on I-70 in Hancock County is causing serious safety concerns for Indiana residents. Although construction is necessary for the integrity of the interstate, many traffic accidents and incidents have occurred. The Indiana Department of Transportation knew that the construction would inconvenience drivers, but they failed to anticipate the number of vehicles… Read more »

motor vehicle doctor

Why Won’t My Family Doctor See Me After My Car Accident?

What you will learn from reading this article: The function of primary care physicians Why your doctor may refuse to treat you after an Indiana car accident What other options are open to you The Functions of Primary Care Physicians Your family doctor may have a positive relationship with you, and yet still decline to… Read more »

medical specialist

Reasons You Should NOT Just See Your Primary Care Doctor After You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

In this article you will learn: Why simply consulting with your primary care doctor after a motor vehicle accident is insufficient. How documentation of your pain and symptoms can be vital when you are trying to get a fair settlement or win a case for compensation in court. If you are pregnant, you see an… Read more »