How to Report Dangerous Indianapolis Intersections and Road Conditions

How to Report Dangerous Indianapolis Intersections and Road Conditions

Traffic accident lawyers, news and media outlets, and local municipalities often report on the most dangerous roads and intersections in their areas. However, a lot of this data and reporting wouldn’t be possible without the help of local residents.

So, as Indianapolis car accident attorneys ourselves who appreciate our fellow Hoosiers, we decided to do a blog about how you and your fellow residents can help report dangerous intersections and road conditions to help keep Indianapolis drivers safe. 

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What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Indianapolis?

Before we jump into how to report dangerous and unsafe road conditions, let’s take a look at the current list of Indianapolis’s most dangerous intersections. 

Of all the counties in Indiana, Marion County had the most accidents reported in recent years—37,726 traffic collisions— and the majority of those accidents happened within Indianapolis city limits. 

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) lists these roads and intersections as the most dangerous:

  1. High School Road & 38th Street
  2. Meridian Street & 38th Street
  3. 21st Street & Post Road
  4. County Line Road & Emerson Avenue
  5. Michigan Street & West Street
  6. College Avenue & Washington Street
  7. New York Street & West Street
  8. Meridian Street & 16th Street
  9. Maryland Street & West Street
  10. West Street & Washington Street

Additional intersections that have been reported by others as dangerous include:

  • 86th Street & Keystone Avenue
  • Keystone Avenue & Fall Creek Parkway
  • Allison Road & 86th Street
  • Allison Road & 82nd Street
  • 21st Street & Shadeland Avenue
  • 38th Street & Franklin Avenue

How to Report Dangerous Intersections and Unsafe Roads in Indianapolis

When filing a report about an issue with an intersection or an unsafe road condition, it’s important to make sure you are contacting the proper organization or authorities. If you don’t report to the right place, the issue will likely not receive an appropriate investigation. 

Complaints for all Indiana state roads, highways, and interstates are primarily taken by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). You can call them directly at 855-INDOT4U (855-463-6848), or you can fill out their online form.

If the issue is with a city or county road, like a pothole, the INDOT site allows you to search for the appropriate local agency you would need to contact. 

You can also report traffic concerns for Marion County by visiting the Mayor’s Action Center website or by calling them at 317-327-4622

Consult With an Indianapolis Car Accident Accident Lawyer 

If you are involved in a car accident on one of Indianapolis’s dangerous roads or anywhere else in the surrounding area, our team can assist you. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, even on roads that are normally considered safe. 

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